Growing up in New Mexico, Emily was surrounded by delicious southwestern food (and chile peppers)! After selling a cake for $135 at a cake auction, she was inspired to share her delicious recipes online at The Goldilocks Kitchen.

Emily is a culinary and fine arts scholar, working with household name brands such as Coca-Cola, Bob’s Red Mill, Sam’s Club, and many more. When she’s not frying up puffy sopapillas, she’s probably snacking on chocolate while navigating through this adventure called life with the help of her faith, family, and doggo Cookie in the countryside of East Idaho.

A Few of Emily’s Favs

Fav Hot Chocolate

Zebra Cocoa Bean Frappe

Fav Biz to support

White Sparrow Country Store

Fav HOliday


A note from Emily:

I hope you find your time here exceptionally helpful for everyday life. I craft each of my recipes with you in mind; “Is this recipe crazy delicious? Is it simple enough for a single parent to make after a long day at work? I want each of my readers to make my recipes over and over and over because they love them so much!

I believe we live in the most incredible time in the history of our beautiful planet. We can share so much information so easily and travel so quickly! We have the technology to combat diseases and world hunger. The internet can be a tool used for good or ill, I choose to fill my space with helpful information that will be a blessing to people. I look forward to the future with optimism for the inventions and discoveries that will be made.

“Your thoughts are the architect of your destiny” -David O. McKay