Lemonade Sparkler featuring OXO prep peeler

A tall clear Lemonade sparkler drink, garnished with a long thin spiral of lemon zest in the glass and a large sprig of fresh mint. - The Goldilocks Kitchen

Breathe in the bright summery smells of lemon peel and fresh mint when you take a sip of a Lemonade Sparkler.

This post has been sponsored by OXO, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Two lemons, a bottle of club soda, simple syrup, an empty glass, fresh mint and an OXO Citrus Prep Peeler are all you need to make a fresh Lemonade Sparkler - The Goldilocks Kitchen

Relax from all your troubles and cares with a freshly made Lemonade Sparkler in hand thanks to OXO’s fabulous new line of professional Prep Peelers! I recently got to try all seven of their new blades and let me tell you, it’s like slicing through melted butter when one of these is in your hand.

A Lemon is stripped of zest in one long spiral with the OXO Citrus Prep Peeler to make a Lemonade Sparkler - The Goldilocks Kitchen

The effortless peeling is made possible by expert engineering and super sharp Japanese stainless steel blades that will never rust. All peelers are long lasting and dishwasher safe. Y-shaped peelers are preferred by most professional chefs because they can be held multiple ways and the blades easily maneuver around fruits and veggies.

Simple Syrup is poured into a clear glass to make a Lemonade Sparkler - The Goldilocks Kitchen

My family and I adore homemade, fresh lemonade and we make it all the time during the summer.

What’s great about this Lemonade Sparkler Recipe is that it’s just a recipe for one. A relaxing drink just for you on days when you need to seriously chill from life. Chill from work; chill from mom duties or from adulting in general. No big batch of lemonade here; all you need is one lemon, fresh mint, simple syrup, club soda, ice, and an OXO Citrus Prep Peeler to give you a beautiful long thin stip of fragrant lemon zest to spiral into your glass!

Juicing a sliced lemon to make a Lemonade Sparkler - The Goldilocks Kitchen

You guys seriously need to relax tonight with a Lemonade Sparkler in hand- you can add a splash of gin, or keep it booze free, it’s totally up to you :0) I also love this drink because the recipe states to “skip the straw” so your nose gets close to the bright fragrances of this drink as you sip!

This recipe is written for a cocktail shaker, but it’s certainly not necessary. I just mixed the simple syrup, lemon juice and club soda in my glass with a spoon, then added the ice, zest spiral and fresh mint. Ready to serve!

Looking down on a Lemonade Sparkler next to an OXO Citrus Prep Peeler - The Goldilocks Kitchen

Order your OXO Citrus Prep Peeler today and take some stress off with this refreshingly bright summer drink. Click here for the Lemonade Sparkler recipe for one.

Skip the straw and get your nose close to the sunny scent of a long, thin spiral of zest. It makes this sparkly homemade lemonade even more refreshing.

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