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How to Find Rare Coupons: Unlock Big Savings on Everyday Items

Additionally, mastering advanced techniques, like stacking coupons or timing purchases with sales, multiplies the savings potential. For the persistent hunter, rare coupons translate to big savings on items you buy regularly.

Key Takeaways

  • Substantial savings can be found on everyday purchases- you just need to know where to find them.
  • Employ a combination of online tools and traditional tactics to discover unique deals.
  • Implement advanced couponing strategies to maximize the impact of rare discounts.

Understanding Coupon Basics

Before diving into the world of couponing, it’s a good idea to grasp the fundamental concepts first. I have a great beginner’s guide to couponing right here. For this article, we’ll briefly recap where coupons come from, the different types you might encounter, and where to look for them before we dive into the deep end of the savings pool.

Origins of Coupons

Coupons have a rich history as a method for companies to entice customers to try new products or stay loyal to their brand. The first coupons date back to the late 19th century, and they were typically paper coupons that consumers could redeem for discounts on goods or services.

Types of Coupons

  • Manufacturer Coupons: Issued by the product makers, these can be used at any store accepting them.
  • Store Coupons: Specific to one retailer or a chain, offering deals on various products.
  • Digital Coupons: Found online, they can be loaded to a store’s loyalty card or presented from your smartphone at checkout. Some stores will let you use them with online orders as well.
  • Printable Coupons: Accessed online at websites like coupons.com, and pggoodeveryday.com printed at home for use in-store.

Where to Find Coupons

  • Online Coupon Websites: These sites, like krazycouponlady.com, provide access to printable and digital coupons for a vast array of products.
  • Store Aisles and Registers: Keep an eye out for coupons attached to shelving or printed at checkout based on your purchases.
  • Newspaper Inserts: Also known as “coupon inserts,” these are still found in Sunday newspapers and are a gold mine for paper coupons. However, most of the same coupons can also now be found online.

By piecing together these basics, you’re now ready to take the next step and start hunting for those rare savings. Here’s a great video by Alysia- it’s from 2022 but the principles are the same today.

Strategies for Finding Rare Coupons

To unlock substantial savings on your grocery purchases, it’s essential to master the art of finding rare coupons. Strategies like coupon stacking, leveraging sales, seasonality, and price tracking will elevate your grocery shopping game and stretch your budget further with every visit to the store.

Coupon Stacking

As Alysa mentioned in the video above, stacking coupons is like a combo move in your savings strategy, blending manufacturer and store coupons for extra discounts on your purchases. For instance, if you’ve got a manufacturer’s coupon for $1 off on cereal, pair it with a store coupon for more savings. It’s crucial to confirm that your chosen store accepts multiple coupons for the same item.

Leveraging Sales

Pair coupons with ongoing sales to maximize your savings. Here’s how:

  • Look out for BOGO (Buy One Get One) sales: Use a coupon on the purchased item for a bigger bargain.
  • Clearance items: Combine reduced prices with relevant coupons to save even more. Check clearance racks at the store.
  • Check store flyers in person or online: Learn how to navigate their websites and apps to find the best deals.

Here’s where I had my big win when researching this article– I happened to discover that Walmart had Pickleball equipment prices slashed on clearance. I know it’s not a food item, but I’ve been eyeing a set of paddles for months and I was able to get two sets & save a whopping $228.50!!! One set was on sale for $32.39 which was originally $199.99! Now THAT is what I call a clearance price. It really irks me when I see stuff marked as ‘clearance’ and it’s barely been marked down at all. 😡

Easy instructions to find food on sale at Walmart.com (April 2024)

Food on sale at the Walmart.com website:

  • Open the webpage, and click on “Grocery & Essentials” in the grey navigation bar at the top.
  • On the left-hand side of the page, you’ll see “Categories” with several listings below. Scroll down these categories until you reach the bottom where you’ll see “Savings“.
  • Under the “Savings” heading, click on “Groceries and Essentials“. This will take you to a page showing all the Walmart food items on sale. Scroll through and shop for the savings!

There are other ways to navigate to this page, and Walmart does tweak its website from time to time, just FYI :0)

Food on sale in the Walmart App:

  • Open the Walmart.com app on your smartphone. In the bottom menu bar tap “Search” with the little magnifying glass icon.
  • Next, tap “Grocery“.
  • You should see several options under Grocery. Tap the one that says “Savings”. (It may say “Spring Savings” or something similar according to the season.) Then shop the savings! Be aware, not every item listed will be marked down; Walmart will try to sneak full-priced items in. They are easy to spot because they DO NOR have a GREEN sale price.

If you see “FLASH SALE” it’s definitely worth clicking on and checking out! This is where the rare coupons and giant savings are found at Walmart. You won’t find a whole lot of food items, but this is where the real clearance items are and you can easily save hundreds of dollars on items.


Understanding the sale cycles at your favorite stores ensures you’re ready to act when prices drop. I usually wait until after the holidays to purchase items on clearance, like decor.

Calendar-Based Strategies

Your savings can often depend on the timing of your shopping. Here’s what to consider:

  1. Seasonal Offers: Manufacturers often release coupons for products that are in season.
  2. Holiday Sales: Plan ahead for holiday specials and collect relevant coupons for themed items.
  3. Daily and weekly offers: Bakery clearance racks are restocked daily and clearance meat items are weekly or twice a week.

Stores can also offer special coupon booklets during festivals or events. Keeping track of these opportunities ensures you never miss out on a deal. A guide like The Krazy Coupon Lady’s couponing tips provides an in-depth look at calendar-based couponing tactics.

Online Tools and Resources

Turning to online tools and resources is key in 2024 when looking to maximize your savings. From websites dedicated to couponing to innovative browser extensions, these digital solutions make finding and applying discounts to your purchases both seamless and advantageous. Let’s dive into these resources further.

Coupon Websites and Databases

Finding the best coupons often starts with coupon websites and databases where you can access a plethora of discounts for everyday items. One of the standout platforms I mentioned earlier is The Krazy Coupon Lady, offering curated deals and tips on how to stack savings. Moreover, Coupons.com (shown in the picture at the start of this article) is a go-to source for printable and digital coupons across various retailers.

For a more comprehensive approach, Slickdeals and Hip2Save compile deals and coupons from multiple sources to bring you the best discounts. Brad’s Deals is another invaluable resource that narrows down the top offers available every day. Don’t overlook RetailMeNot and DontPayfull, which host a wide array of coupon codes ready to be used.

  • Rakuten: Not only does it provide online coupons, but it also gives you cash back on purchases.
  • SmartSource: Focuses on printable coupons that are essential for grocery shopping.
  • Tada: Offers cashback on top of the available coupon savings.

Browser Extensions and Apps

Leveraging technology can streamline your savings, which is where browser extensions and apps come into play. The Honey browser extension is one such tool that automatically applies the best coupons at checkout on thousands of websites. Similarly, Cently, also known as Coupons at Checkout, and Capital One Shopping, previously known as Wikibuy, scout the internet for less obvious deals and apply them to your cart.

To earn rewards as you shop, consider Swagbucks, where every coupon used earns you points towards gift cards. Mobile apps like Ibotta offer cash back on in-store and online purchases when you complete simple tasks or use their offers. For Amazon aficionados, Amazon Coupons is a subsection of the site where you can clip coupons for additional savings on your Amazon purchases. Finally, Groupon remains a giant in the field of discount vouchers for a wide variety of services and goods.

  • Chrome Extensions:
    • Honey – Automatically finds and applies coupons.
    • Cently – Discovers discounts at checkout.
  • Cashback Apps:
    • Swagbucks – Earns points for coupons.
    • Ibotta – Cash back for purchasing specific items.

By engaging with these online tools and resources, you can make significant cuts to your everyday expenses while enjoying the thrill of finding that rare, big-saving coupon. Start with one resource and one store first and maximize

Tech-Free Coupon Hunting

Even without technology, you can discover impressive savings tucked away in print materials and through in-person strategies. It’s an old-school approach that requires some dedication, but it can lead to substantial discounts on a variety of items.

Newspapers and Magazines

Sunday Newspaper: Grab the Sunday newspaper; it’s a treasure trove for coupons. Look for inserts from RedPlum and manufacturers, offering discounts on a wide range of products, from groceries to personal care.

Magazine Inserts: Certain magazines come packed with coupons. Keep an eye out for them, especially in lifestyle and food-related publications, which often include valuable deals.

In-Store Tactics

Circulars: Before you shop, check out the circulars that retailers have available at their entrances. These flyers highlight current sales and sometimes contain exclusive coupons.

Ask Employees: Sometimes, the best coupons aren’t advertised. Don’t hesitate to ask store employees if there are any available coupons or ongoing promotions.

Remember, combining coupons from these sources with store sales can multiply your savings. While it might seem a bit more time-consuming, consider it a rewarding scavenger hunt that benefits your budget.

Loyalty Programs and Rewards

You can tap into substantial savings by participating in loyalty programs and using credit card rewards. These programs are designed to reward you for your regular shopping habits, offering anything from gift cards to exclusive sales.

Retailer-Specific Programs

Target, Walmart, and Amazon all offer loyalty schemes that can help you save on everyday items, including groceries. For instance, Target’s REDcard gives you an immediate 5% discount on most purchases and free shipping for online orders, plus an additional 30 days for returns. Similarly, Walmart’s savings program rewards you with points that can be redeemed for future purchases. Amazon Prime members enjoy not just shipping perks but also access to exclusive deals.

  • Gift cards: Occasionally, these retailers provide gift card bonuses when you spend a certain amount.
  • Apps: Keep an eye on retailer-specific apps for digital coupon offers that could stack with existing rewards.

Grocery store programs are especially valuable. With apps like Checkout 51 and blogs like For The Mommas, you can find the latest strategies to maximize your savings at many grocery chains. Whether it’s getting cash back on select items or taking advantage of in-store specials, these resources can make a big difference at checkout.

Credit Card Rewards

If you use a credit card, ensure it’s rewarding you each time you swipe, and you can pay it off each month (or all your savings will be lost with accrued interest). I’m currently building up my SkyMiles by using my Delta Amex card whenever I can. Look for cards that offer:

  • Cash back: Receive a percentage of your spending back, which accumulates as savings or can be used to redeem for rewards.
  • Sales and gift cards: Some cards have portals offering access to sales or the ability to earn extra points when buying gift cards.

Here’s a simplified breakdown of how these rewards can work:

Spending CategoryReward TypeReward Benefit
GroceriesCash BackUp to 5% back on your purchases
Online ShoppingPointsPoints redeemable for gift cards or travel
Everyday PurchasesMixedAccess to retailer-specific deals and bonuses

By strategically using credit cards that give you more points for daily expenses like groceries, you can potentially save a noticeable amount over time. Remember, it’s essential to pay off your balance each month to avoid interest charges that could negate your savings.

Maximizing Savings on Specific Categories

To truly capitalize on discounts, targeting specific categories with precise strategies can stretch your budget further. Activate your savings potential by understanding where and how to scout out the best deals.

Groceries and Supermarket Deals

For your weekly grocery haul, use a matchup strategy that involves aligning store promotions with coupons. Check out 7 Smart Strategies Of Extreme Couponers for examples of coupon stacking. Also, downloading user-friendly mobile apps from your favorite supermarkets can alert you to exclusive digital coupons and even free items with purchase.

Clothing and Accessories

When updating your wardrobe, look for clothing and accessories discounts at specific times of the year. End-of-season sales are prime times for clearance items, where further savings can be made using rare coupons. Deals on jewelry can often be found around holidays; bookmark and regularly visit your preferred retailers’ sites for surprise promotions.

I also stop in regularly at second-hand stores like GoodWill and Deseret Industries (DI)and find great deals. It doesn’t hurt to check these stores first before purchasing your desired items at full-price. I’ve been able to save quite a bit of money, especially on kids clothing because they grow out of items so quickly!

Electronics and Gadgets

Your best bet for electronics and gadgets is to time your purchases around new model releases when older versions are often discounted. Sign up for newsletters from tech stores to receive coupons, and don’t shy away from refurbished items, which can come with significant reductions and warranties. Websites like How to Maximize Your Savings Using Coupons – enrichest.com can offer additional digital coupon strategies.

Home and Garden

Invest in your home and garden by subscribing to home improvement newsletters and alert services. These can send targeted savings directly to your inbox. Keep an eye out for home improvement store flyers and visit clearance sections both online and in-store to apply rare coupons on already reduced prices. For garden items, late fall is typically when outdoor furnishings and plants get significant markdowns.

Networking with Other Couponers

Effective Networking with Other Couponers can lead to an exchange of rare and valuable coupons. Join local and online couponing groups on social media platforms to trade insights on where to find elusive deals. Attend couponing workshops or meet-ups to connect with seasoned couponers who may share their secrets to finding and using coupons most effectively. Be active, engage in conversations, and always be on the lookout for opportunities to share or trade coupons that could lead to significant saving money or even earning cashback on your purchases.

Remember, your network of couponers can also alert you to any upcoming sales or clearance events at local retailers, providing you an edge to plan your shopping accordingly.

Staying Organized and Avoiding Pitfalls

In the quest for big savings, being systematic with your couponing efforts and steering clear of common errors can make all the difference. It’s about more than just collecting discounts—it’s crafting a method that’s user-friendly and effective for you.

Organizational Tools

Coupon Binder: Set up a coupon binder with clear plastic sleeves, dividers, and tabs. This system lets you categorize coupons by type, expiration date, or store, making it easy to find the right coupon when you need it.

  • Digital Tools: Leveraging apps and digital folders to store electronic coupons helps you access discounts from your smartphone, a perfect fit for on-the-go savings.

Common Couponing Mistakes

Ignoring Expiration Dates: It’s easy to let coupons slip past their expiration date. Regularly prune your collection to keep it up-to-date and avoid the frustration of expired coupons at checkout.

  • Overbuying: Just because you have a coupon doesn’t mean the purchase will save money. Buy items you need to avoid unnecessary spending, even if the discount is tempting.


Embarking on the journey of couponing can be both thrilling and rewarding. Remember, collecting coupons isn’t just about accumulating discounts; it’s about being strategic to maximize your savings.

  • Always keep an eye out for rare coupons, as they offer significant discounts.
  • Stay organized by maintaining a coupon binder or digital folder.
  • Utilize a combination of manufacturer and store coupons to get the best deals on your everyday items.

Patience is key. Sometimes, the best coupons come to those who wait for the perfect sale. It’s not only about finding a good deal but also about making sure that it’s for something you need. After all, a great deal on an item you won’t use isn’t a saving at all.

  • Aim to stack coupons during store sales for the biggest impact on your final bill.
  • Keep your coupons handy; a spontaneous drop in price can turn a regular shopping trip into an opportunity for big savings.

Lastly, don’t hesitate to share your knowledge with friends or family. Couponing is more enjoyable when it’s a shared endeavor, and you can all revel in the savings together. With a bit of time and effort, you’ll see just how much you can save. Happy coupon-hunting!

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